The Dr Oz African Mango Diet

What are the benefits of African mango?

The benefits of African mango seed, also known as Irvignia Gabonese, have been identified as one of the most important discoveries of recent years in the field of health foods.
Clinical trials have shown that consumption of African mango extract in addition to food can stimulate the body so that it produces highly beneficial hormones, which act to regulate hunger and metabolize stubborn fat deposits.

“Mango African taken in addition allows you to lose 5.5 kg of fat in 28 days”
– Clinical study published in Lipids in Health and Disease

One of these natural hormones is called adiponectin. It has been shown that this hormone helps control blood sugar and insulin in the blood and it is directly related to the percentage of fat in adults.

It has been shown that individuals lacking adiponectin have significantly higher risk of obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. African Mango extract is known to increase adiponectin levels and to allow a healthy metabolism.
African Mango also increases the rate of Leptin

Mango AfricaineL’autre hormone whose rate is increased by the use of African mango extract is leptin. Leptin has a remarkable effect on our appetite, our energy and cholesterol.

In clinical trials the “Jackson Laboratory” in Maine in the United States, it was found that when mice were deprived of leptin, they became obese and had an impressively huge appetite.

After their leptin levels returned to normal either through injections, they lost their excess fat and returned to their normal weight.

However, it is the combination of increased levels of leptin and adiponectin that work in synergy that delivers results really impressive.

A recent clinical study published in the journal American “Lipids in Health and Disease”, African mango extract helped users lose an average of 5.5 kg of fat in just 28 days.
Other benefits of African mango

AfriqueLa African mango mango contains vitamins, antioxidants and minerals in abundance to help provide good health and a feeling of well-being.

However, the African mango may also help improve digestion thanks to the large amount of soluble fiber found in the natural extract.

It is well known that adding soluble fiber can help you feel better and satisfied for longer and to eliminate toxins and other waste from the digestive system.

Many products of “Detox” available today include soluble fiber such as key ingredient and are often used to help optimize the efforts of weight loss.
The benefits of African mango: Conclusion

African Mango has so many health benefits it is now classified as one of how “super foods” that nature gives us.

Unlike many weight loss products available today, there are no harmful ingredients or side effects unhealthy. African Mango is 100% natural and safe even for long-term use.
Best addition to African Mango

African Mango AdvancedAprès studying the various offers of African Mango supplement on the market, we recommend supplements 2400mg Advanced African Mango (Mango African Advanced 2400mg), since these capsules offer the greatest amount of active ingredient, a incredible 2400mg per serving.

The price is very reasonable considering the quality of this product. You get 60 capsules (take 2 times a day, or packaging of a month) for € 34.

Knowing that scientific studies show that users lost an average of 5.5 pounds in 28 days, you can purchase the quantity of vials needed depending on how many pounds you want to lose.

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